Getting REEL about social!

by Russell Schiller

It has been an amazing time at Together We Grow from a social media perspective. As trends continue to change, we are grateful for our partners, members, and active social participants that work with us to create new and fresh content critical to reach audiences and connect them to agriculture, food and the opportunities in this sector.

Growing Together – Recent Partnerships on Social Media

Seed Your Future

Seed Your Future is the movement to promote horticulture and inspire people to pursue careers working with plants. In partnership with Seed Your Future, we have launched a co-branded multi-video series on our social media channels highlighting people in the green industry. These videos engage audiences on the aspects of the job that they may be interested in and why they belong in this sector. To date, we have co-branded five videos that have reached over 10,000 people and garnered more than 300 likes across all of our social channels. Meet two awesome people we got to work with! Laura, a grower for Green Circle Growers and Elle, the associate territory manager for Corteva.


AgCareers provides global talent solutions in agriculture and food. In partnership with AgCareers, we are highlighting jobs on a reoccurring basis to connect audiences to the myriad opportunities tied to the agriculture and food sector. We have recently co-branded the Life of an Ecologist, the Life of an HR Manager and the Life of a Vet Tech. Our collaborative efforts have reached over 5,000 people across our social channels and gained over 500 likes.

Dr. Ronda Hamm, The Insect Doc

Ronda is an entomologist, agricultural educator, and global academic relations leader at Corteva and has driven high engagement on TWG social channels as a result of her videos highlighting work in agriculture and food, research, and where food comes from. In partnership with Ronda, these videos inform and educate users about insects, animals, crops, and more while speaking to the importance and functions of all these variables. Recent high engagement videos include Did You Know that Insects Can Communicate Through Smell, How Ronda Became Interested in Agriculture (Through Animals), and Have You Wondered Where Your Food Comes From. Collaborating with Ronda has allowed us to reach over 50,000 people across social channels while gaining more than 1,000 likes.

Would you like to expand the reach of agriculture and food to new audiences on social media platforms with Together We Grow and your organization? Reach out to Russell Schiller at to discuss opportunities.

Trends in Social Media

Together We Grow continues to leverage trends in social media to broaden our audience reach and exposure to the concepts and opportunities in agriculture and food.

Instagram was made for…Vertical Video (aka Reels)?

Reels have become the leading content performer on Instagram. Instagram defines Reels as “entertaining, immersive videos where you can creatively express your brand story, educate your audience, and get discovered by people who may love your business. People come to Reels to participate in cultural trends, collaborate with the community, and discover new ideas.”  Instagram Reels are the response to the booming growth of TikTok and their vertical video-only platform. YouTube Shorts have also come to light as a competitor in this space.

According to data from Metricool, Instagram Reels perform 2-12 times better than any other post type, and in-feed posts have reduced their reach by upwards of 25% as a result of Reels. Together We Grow continues to track these online trends to ensure we are reaching broader audiences and driving greater engagement across our social media platforms.

Collaboration is Important!

Currently, Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts that post using their “collaborate” feature. By using this feature, the post is shown on both collaborators’ accounts, allowing the users to share audience and gain user reach through each other’s networks. This tool is especially productive when posting Instagram Reels. Together We Grow has recently collaborated in this way with Seed Your Future highlighting an American Hort Scholar and Syngenta Flowers, as well as with Ronda Hamm on effects of predators in crops and other topics. The Collaboration tool has been especially effective, helping some posts reach over 37 times our audience size, garnering over 17,000 views and reach across just two posts.

Our audience on social media wants video! Video has become the primary focus for content creators, businesses, and anyone else looking to be successful at growing a social audience. Video featuring real people doing real things drives the Reels algorithm and therefore drives greater interactions with Together We Grow social media activity. It is important we continue to collaborate and grow our respective audiences together with the goal of reaching people who may not be aware of the vastness of the agriculture and food sector. By executing on some of the ideas above while keeping best practices and trends in mind, we will continue to conquer the algorithm, TOGETHER!

Kristin Kirkpatrick, Executive Director, Together We Grow

Kristin Kirkpatrick is the Executive Director for Together We Grow and the Center for an Enhanced Workforce in Agribusiness, located at Colorado State University. In this role, Kristin works alongside a consortium of many of the world’s largest agribusiness interests, including members of industry, non-governmental organizations, higher education, and government institutions. Together We Grow is focused on building a skilled, diverse, and inclusive agricultural workforce that can power the innovation needed to feed the future.   

Kristin has always had a passion for systems change that creates more equitable opportunities and has done this work through the lenses of public health, policy advocacy, and community development. Most recently, she helped lead Kimbal Musk’s national nonprofit Big Green, which integrates food literacy education into school curriculums across the country.

Kristin has been an instructor with the Colorado School of Public Health at CSU and served as Chief of Wellness Planning for Bellisimo Development Inc., helping lead the master planning, design, and actualization of the award-winning Bucking Horse and landmark Jessup Farm projects in Fort Collins, Colo. She earned a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science from CSU and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Colorado.