In 2020, Together We Grow  launched four workgroups for members to power the industry’s path toward a more diverse and inclusive workforce. These workgroups are advancing an industry pledge, building out a robust toolkit of resources and best practices, fostering new collaborations to expand the talent pipeline, and creating a national PR campaign to increase awareness about careers in our industry as well as the critical importance of the work we do. 

We are excited to partner with you as we build the skilled, diverse, and inclusive workforce we need to feed the future. Your support, both monetarily and through your personal and organizational efforts, helps us accelerate our collective impact and will continue to make American agriculture a leader for generations to come.

Download the pledge.


Together We Grow currently has more than 50 members, including major agricultural commodities companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and national nonprofits committed to improving and expanding diversity in agribusiness. The organization has made great strides since beginning in 2016, and formalized as an entity, formed a governing board, and hired an Executive Director through the generous partnership of the Colorado State University System. 


Membership in Together We Grow convenes thought leaders across agriculture and food systems to create inclusive organizational  cultures toward and build a diverse and skilled pipeline of talent.

We ask that all members attend meetings, contribute to best practice sharing, and participate in a working group to advance equity and inclusion in the industry; our corporate members are asked to contribute $20,000 annually to advance our collective impact to create an industry that is more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.  

The Together We Grow governing board provides oversight and governance of all activities, including management of annual membership fees (contributed through industry members). To reduce overhead and administrative costs, Together We Grow’s financial account is housed at the Colorado State University System in a separate account.