Kristin Kirkpatrick: November message

Together We Grow members,

While we now have more clarity about the election, what has been clear since last Tuesday is that we are a nation deeply divided.

When I think about the promise of Together We Grow, to build the workforce that will power the tremendous innovation needed to meet our future challenges feeding the globe, I am buoyed by our ability to sow seeds of unity. We have come to the table in good faith, as competitors and collaborators. We are reaching for a goal that we have no choice but to face — our future is an unavoidable reality. However, the necessity of our goal does not make it any less ambitious. I may even posit that our collective goal is audacious in its grandeur.

What I do think history has proven over and over again is that we are more likely to succeed when we work together, especially when the goal is a moon shot. Our togetherness is the competitive advantage.

When I think about Together We Grow, I am not only hopeful about the work we have tasked ourselves with, but I extend that optimism ever further to suggest that agriculture may be the industry uniquely positioned to bring the country together. Our companies and our institutions have an incredible reach. We are in some of the reddest of red counties, and also in some of the most deeply blue zip codes in this country. Your teams are having conversations with customers, students, and vendors every single day.

I am reminded of a conversation with one of our members, ruminating on how we bring our customers along with us on our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. As we reach out with our products, our programs, our services, I wonder if we are uniquely positioned to build resiliency. Resiliency that will strengthen our industry and our ability to continue to feed the world — and maybe strengthen the social fabric of our nation.

With seeds of hope,



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