Kristin Kirkpatrick: March message

We’re digging in!

Welcome to our inaugural Together We Grow newsletter!

When Together We Grow formed in 2016, the founders of this effort — Michael D’Ambrose, the senior vice president and chief human resources officer for ADM, and Secretary Tom Vilsack, President Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture — knew that we were capable of more as an industry consortium than any of us could ever possibly do on our own. As we look to the challenges facing our industry, both in the near-term and over the next 30 years, we know it will take a collective effort to address them.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep Together We Grow’s membership connected and moving forward on our big, audacious goals. Each month we’ll pull some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news stories related to ag + equity, diversity, and inclusion, share what our members have been doing to advance this work, and celebrate our collective wins. Let us know how we’re doing and if there are features you would like to see!

I was fortunate to be at the USDA Agriculture Outlook Forum last month, where U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced a bold goal of increasing agriculture production by 40% while reducing our environmental footprint by half. Together We Grow is working to build the workforce pipeline across our NGOs, institutions of higher education, and ultimately into our industry partners, that will power that kind of innovation — the innovation we need to feed the future. I am honored to be with you and know that we can do more together than any of us can do on our own.




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