Kristin Kirkpatrick: July message

Together We Grow members –

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about quantum changes, because it appears they are happening everywhere I look. In psychology research, a quantum change is a sudden, dramatic, and enduring transformation that affects a broad range of personal emotion, cognition, and behavior. Essentially, something happens that may be profound or seemingly pedestrian, but in retrospect, that event or experience fundamentally changes your orientation in the world.

As a nation, we seem to most certainly be experiencing a mass quantum change. I can see it in my own home, listening to the podcast with Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle, referenced below. I can see my husband’s eyes get wide as we cook dinner, and Dr. Archibeque-Engle describes parts of our history that neither of us learned in school.

I can see it as I talk with our members who are beginning to ask big questions – how do we make sure all of our employees are seen and valued? What should we be doing because it’s the right thing to do? How do we want to show up outside of our organization? What kind of drivers of change do we want to be? What kind of legacy are we building here?

And I can see it within our organization. The vision of Together We Grow has never been more important or necessary to the pressing work before us. Please note our annual meeting dates below – and join us. The work we are here to do is urgent and requires our collective tending, the burning energy of our collective vision, and our relentless pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive future for American agriculture. Let’s listen, and learn, and hold space. And let’s get to work.

With gratitude,



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