Together We Grow is a consortium of some of the world’s largest agribusiness interests — major agricultural commodities companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and national nonprofits — focused on building the workforce of tomorrow and ensuring that the workforce is skilled, diverse, and inclusive.

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Together We Grow started in 2016, when Michael D’Ambrose, who led the HR function for ADM, and Secretary Tom Vilsack — who is currently serving as Secretary of Agriculture in President Joe Biden’s administration and served for 8 years under President Barack Obama — brought the agriculture industry together to think about the state of the world in 2050. Leaders from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, higher education, and agribusiness realized that to address the monumental challenge of feeding a rapidly growing global population with fewer resources, they would need to work together.

Since 2016, Together We Grow’s members have shared best practices and data, and made collaborative investments to build a more skilled, diverse, and inclusive workforce for the U.S. food and agriculture industry, in order to welcome the innovation needed to feed the world for generations to come.

Together We Grow + CSU Spur

Together We Grow will be headquartered at CSU Spur, a new public-centric campus, opening in Denver, Colorado in 2022. The Colorado State University System brings the resources of its three higher education institutions (CSU in Fort Collins, CSU Pueblo, and CSU Global) to CSU Spur, creating an inclusive and inspirational place that is open to all learners. 

Through science-on-display, research on-site, and local and global partners, CSU Spur is focused on connecting rural and urban communities, bringing foremost experts together to research the world’s most pressing problems, and inspiring the next generation to take on roles in water, food, and health.

With more than 2 million visitors expected annually, CSU Spur is not only mission aligned for Together We Grow but it also provides an opportunity to engage with youth, industry, community, and research — all under one roof.